I originally began this Sunday Times Magazine piece with the words, “When I was about six, I felt a pre-sexual attraction to a man in a pop group. It would be the last time I felt attraction untethered to any kind of shame”. I will post the unabridged version of the article soon.

How It Feels To…Be Outed At Boarding School / Sunday Times Magazine



  1. Charles – to make up for some of your suffering, I am the best known male nude photographer in Britain with 15 magazines published called Mike Arlen’s Guys, having at least 20 models in each edition. More about my past can be seen on mikearlensguys.co.uk Let me have your address and I will send you a couple of complimentary copies. Or call 0207 373 1107 to give it to me. Mike

    1. Hi Mike. It’s kind of you to drop me a line and even more so to offer a present. Your work is very well known, including by me. I’ll drop you a line with my address and thank you again for the touching gesture. C

  2. Hi Charles – I’ve kept a copy of this article on my desk since I read it, with a view to making contact: your experiences at Harrow moved me very much – to think of such a young guy being ostracised, bullied and tormented…for his sexuality, for any reason, makes me want to cry!
    Charles, I work for an education charity that teaches young people (mostly school aged) about the dangers to society of all types of prejudice and discrimination – homophobia is a subject we tackle in a number of our workshops.
    I wondered if you might be willing to contribute an article about your experiences at school to a brochure I’m producing for a forthcoming event. Perhaps you could get back to me – and I’ll elaborate..?
    Thank you very much indeed.

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