As much as I loved ‘Kiss Myself Goodbye’ (Bloomsbury), Ferdinand Mount’s brilliant, sad, funny family memoir, the Georgie Mount/Georgie Johnson that emerged from its pages was a tragic, beautiful ruin. I knew another Georgie entirely – for over 40 years. And the one I knew overcame the damage, cruelty and lack of love that characterised her formative years. Here is my impression of the book – and an explanation of where my memories deviate from it.  Alternatively, you can click on the photograph below.

Georgie Johnson, West Halkin Street, London, 1970 (Photo: Hugh Donovan)



  1. Hi Charles, just to let you know that I am a reader who you’d like ‘also to meet my Georgie, the sparkling, smiling, caring, loyal, life-loving, and generous friend’, after reading Kiss Myself Goodbye. I enjoyed your portrait of Georgie, and agreed with the important points you made about context – I only discovered after reading the book the previous occupation of the author. All the best from someone else’s ‘Godmother.’

      1. Dear Charles,

        As you may know I was a good friend of your father and very close to Claude. What the book did not say was that Claude stepped in when my own relationship with Georgie ran out of steam. What an amazing thing to do. He was also best man at my first wedding

        Would be very good to meet and catch up one day. I loved Ferdies book and have many of my own extraordinary takes of Munca. What an awful mother she was to poor Georgie

        Very best wishes

        Sir Richard Heygate

        1. Dear Richard,

          Many thanks indeed for your note. Yes, it would be great to meet and remember Georgie.

          Very best – and thanks again for writing.


  2. Dear Charles,

    Loved your note. As you will know I was a good friend to your father and Claude , as well as Georgie . Would be good to meet one day

    Richard Heygate

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