The wonderful singer/songwriter/backing vocalist, David Lasley, died in December 2021. A few months prior to that, he and I had spoken. I was planning a feature about Rosie, the fabulous pop/soul trio David formed in the 1970s with Lynn Pitney and Lana Marrano (the latter also his songwriting partner). I also spoke to Lynn and Lana. Here is that feature…

Has there ever been a musical that spawned more young talent than Hair? The 1960s stage show which at one point could be seen in multiple productions, touring over a dozen territories, gave us Marsha Hunt, Jobriath, Peter Straker, Meat Loaf, Sonja Kristina, Jennifer Warnes, Gloria Jones, Tata Vega, Dobie Gray, Annabel Leventon, Maxine Nightingale, Donna Summer, Elaine Paige, John Waters and many more. And that’s before you peer into some of the less illuminated recesses of the show’s history, because there you’ll find even more stories of gifted, questing, restlessly creative personalities.

During the early 70s, when nine simultaneous Hairproductions were touring the US, two young performers and one very young performer were thrown into a lifelong bond. They discovered that their voices formed a unique blend. One of them wrote music, another lyrics. Soon, they were auditioning successfully for RCA Records. If talent were commensurate with fame, they’d be household names. The two exceptional albums they left behind have been reissued twice in Japan but never got beyond first pressing in the States and didn’t come out at all in the UK. Yet they’re singularly impressive works with a phenomenal amount of studio talent on board, from Michael Kamen to Genya Ravan and Dr John to James Taylor. Rosie were David Lasley, Susan Krauss (aka Lana Marrano) and Lynn Pitney, the three Hairgraduates who formed a musical union for a handful of glorious years in the mid-late 1970s.

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