For many years, I’ve admired the work of the Millington sisters (June and Jean), Alice De Buhr and Nickey Barclay, who, as Fanny, made four brilliant albums for Reprise in the early 1970s. Check out some of their TV appearances on YouTube and you’ll see why. They had a detonative energy and great songs. An altered lineup made a fifth album for Casablanca (containing the US chart hit ‘Butter Boy’) before calling it a day. Barclay, pianist, songwriter and vocalist, made an excellent solo album, Diamond In A Junkyard, c.1976. The Millingtons, guitarists, songwriters and vocalists, made a duo album for United Artists around 1977.

Now, June and Jean have got together with early Fanny member, formidable percussionist/drummer, vocalist and songwriter, Brie Howard (today known as Brie Howard Darling). Brie was in Fanny prior to the first Reprise album and has played and sung with a Who’s Who of American popular music. I spoke to June for RnR Magazine as the trio’s first album, Fanny Walked The Earth (also the name of the band) came out on Blue Elan Records. 



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