1. Well what is the story? I put this page up for all her fans.I can tell you were in the presents of GRACE when speaking to and with Phoebe.Just about everyone I know that knew her says the same.So please put up the interview I would love to read it!!! Peace Barb…P.S. I hope your in a safer place now!!!

    1. Hi Barb,
      Thanks for your note. The actual article, as it was originally published in What’s On, is already viewable, but I will try to post a personal recollection of my chats with Phoebe as soon as I can. Thank you for prompting me. She was utterly charming, warm and charismatic. Best wishes, Charlie

  2. I had the chance to hang out with her in the park in N.Y.C.!! I had the time of my life walking and talking to her and as I waited to have her sign a pain patch is all I had she turned and looked at me and said I remember you!!! That was it I was hooked! I seen her 10 times as she toured across the U.S. I miss her and will always love her!!Its almost a year and it feels like today!!! I look forward to talking to you again! and get that story up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace Barb…

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